Berur Street Care International

Date: April 11, 2017 Category:

Berur Street Care International is operating a center where we have room for girls/mothers and their children on a resident basis on a short term. The resident girls are assisted to find more permanent living solutions. Those resident are participating in all activities in the home. We also have a small farm. Implementing routines and to be given responsibilities are seen as part of the rehabilitation process. The center is also open for others from the streets to join in on daily activities. We have professional counselor with the responsibility for individual and group counseling. We are motivating for learning and have informal learning as some of the activities at the center.

We are sponsoring children and youth to go back to school. We are arranging for training courses or sponsor clients in joining training in other centers. Through training they can develop their skills and use those skills in the process of getting independent through work. We are doing preventing intervention with children that we see are in a special risk of getting into.